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Golf Boot Camp


Do you want to get better in a short amount of time? Are you new to the game and you want to learn proper fundamentals, the basics, as quickly as possible? Are you willing to make a 4 week commitment? Then I have designed an intensified program of golf instruction that is perfect for you.


Golf Boot Camp is comprised of 8 one-hour coaching lessons in a 4 week period (excluding illness, injury, weather, etc.) The Golf Boot Camp gives you the opportunity to get 2 lessons each week, providing you the quickest way to get your game in great golf shape! 

Golf Boot Camp is the easiest and probably the most fun Boot Camp you will ever join. No push ups or sit ups, sweating not allowed unless it’s hot outside. 


The Golf Boot Camp is perfect for the golfer who wants to make a one month time commitment and get serious about their game. I have designed programs for juniors, beginners, high-handicappers, single-digit handicappers, and scratch golfers.

The John Francis Golf Studio Golf Boot Camp will help you achieve your golf dreams!

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